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Gone But Not Forgotten

Welcome to the Krysany Foundation's Memorial
Page, your place to remember someone special.

Share a memory of a loved one by adding photos, express your thoughts on their lifetime and pay tribute. Please fill out our form to submit a memorial request and don’t forget to donate to our cause!

Memorial Provided By:Juanita Conley
Family Member

Malaya Lynn King

Sweet Sweet baby
Grandma loves you always

Date of Passing:FEBURARY 26TH 2015
Age of Deceased:2hrs old
Memorial Provided By:Chassity "Khandi" Turner

Adonus “Squirt” Turner

Son I Miss You I Love You and I’ll Never Let You Go …you was taken
So Soon in Such a Traumatic Way thank God for Taking Away my Anger knowing that I kno that you’re with Him now I know that you’re Safe in his Arms!! SQUIRT WE LOVE YOU🕊❣🙏

Date of Passing:06/20/2014
Age of Deceased:17
Memorial Provided By:Laura Peticoalas

Gregory Smith Jr.

My other baby boy. Step mommy miss and love you very much! You and your brother Demarrius are looking down upon us!

Date of Passing:March 4, 2021
Age of Deceased:24
Memorial Provided By:Nicolya Jones

Kenyon Givens Jr.

I proudly served my country and survived my tour but my son didn’t.

I don’t care what happens to me, my babies have been the best thing God could have ever given me. They aren’t perfect but they are mine & they definitely do try. I can’t ask for much more. Just wish I had been given more time with this one. One more hug. One more smile. One more giggle at something silly we said. One more “Un uh Skenny!!” Just one more. Kenyon Givens Jr. I love you baby boy.

#FlyhighKenyon #myheartbeats #putthegunsdown

Date of Passing:09/11/2015
Age of Deceased:16
Memorial Provided By:Kastle Janae Merritt

Ryatt Scout Merritt

Ryatt Scout came into this world fighting at just 14 ounces. She fought her whole life but unfortunately went to be in the arms of the Lord at eight months old. We spent her whole life inside the walls of a hospital. She touched so many lives and I will continue to share her story and make sure she is always remembered. She is our greatest gift and the best thing that ever happened to us. When we feel like giving up we promised to #StartaRyatt and make her memory live on. Always RyattScoutStrong. Forever our baby girl. 💜

Date of Passing:1-29-22
Age of Deceased:8 months
Memorial Provided By:Laura Peticoalas

Demarrius Peticoalas

I miss and love so much!

Date of Passing:01/16/2021
Age of Deceased:25
Memorial Provided By:Dorsthea Knight
Family Member

Anthony Tyler Johnson

Rest in heaven Anthony in JESUS presence. Your struggles are over. Anthony is my grandson n his parents are Robert n Susan Johnson , my son n daughter in-law. Along with his younger siblings, Tarik n Desiree. We all miss you so very much. Anthony was an awesome young man who was talented with give if art and n awesome tattoo artist. He defending everyone who was mistreated n would have made a good lawyer in justice Department. Love you Precious one./ Grandma Dee

Date of Passing:December 23, 2018
Age of Deceased:23
Memorial Provided By:Dorsthea Knight
Family Member

Anthony Tyler Johnson

Anthony is my grandson n his passing was and still is a shock to us. Robert Johnson n Susan Johnson , my son and daughter in law with his surviving siblings Tarik n Desiree his little brother n sister. Anthony was a living person with awesome qualities. If he was alive he would have became an awesome lawyer because he defended ones who falsely accused. He was an awesome Tattoo artist and drew everything set before him. I love and miss you grandson. REST IN JESUS PRESENCE. YOUR TROUBLES ARE OVER. GRANDMA DEE❤️❤️🌷🙏

Date of Passing:December 23 2018
Age of Deceased:23
Memorial Provided By:Dorsthea Knight

Felando Deon Johnson

Felando was an awesome young man who loved everyone especially children who he adopted as his own. In addition Felando loved all animals and he spoke their language. An awesome sensitive soul with gift of empathy with people. Felando was in love with his mom and thought every woman should be e like his mom. Now my son lives on in my heart and I among other grief stricken parents we are our children voices. I miss him each day n he lives on in my heart.❤️🙏🌷

Date of Passing:September 20 2015
Age of Deceased:39
Memorial Provided By:Lourdes Ortiz

Alexander Bello-Ortiz

Alexander was a free spirit with a big noble heart and was always ready to serve. Alexander was a high-energy motivator with a great team spirit. Alexander was a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering on the Aerospace Systems track. Even as a child Alexander’s interest in engineering was apparent and went hand in hand with his desire to serve others, wanting to utilize his knowledge to better the world. Alexander was a four-year U.S. Air Force ROTC scholarship winner fulfilling his lifelong dream to become an Air Force Officer, aspiring to an Air Force career where he could practice his electrical engineering knowledge.
Alex’s mission in life was to make the world a better place, He was a man of passion, initiative, unstoppable determination, and selflessness. Alex gave the same dedication to Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Cadets as Flight Commander and Morale Officer, where he served as a positive inspiration for others to follow.

Date of Passing:September 07,2020
Age of Deceased:22
Memorial Provided By:Veronica Urquhart

Antonio LaMonte” Killebrew Jr.

Antonio was a loving, caring, thoughtful, motivated, energetic inspiring young man with a a great passion for playing football that everyone called affectionately KB. Antonio enjoyed helping others showing great leadership in athletics. I am thankful and blessed with 23 wonderful years of his life. Antonio was always special he had the ability to lead without even trying, he had his greatest highlights for playing football where he attended Bethel High School (Hampton Virginia) years 2010-2014. I was extremely proud of Antonio. After graduating from high school Antonio continued on with his passion for football at Livingston College located in Salisbury North Carolina. I think the world of my son. The passing of Antonio (KB) saddened me extremely however, I found solace in knowing that my son had such a impact in the lives of others.

Even now Antonio spirit and beautiful smile still felt around in our community Antonio legacy will carry on from the love and support surrounded. #4 KB4LIFE

Date of Passing:July 27th 2019
Age of Deceased:23
Memorial Provided By:Connie May

Eric May II

On 12/04/20 I got the worst news any mother could get that my only Son was in a horrible accident I’m sorry but your Son did not make It I did not want to hear those words He did not make it we did everything to save his Life I was so angry and was upset with the Doctor’s and God because I knew my Son wasn’t with me anymore why my Son I was so blessed beyond words to have Eric May II for a short period time as my Son I miss him beyond words my Life has been forever changed and will never be the same and I will miss Eric everyday until it’s my time to meet Eric and my Daughter Angel this is the toughest thing I’ve ever had to deal with…Live, Long, Eric and keep flying with the Angels and watch over us all! I Miss you

Date of Passing:12/04/20
Age of Deceased:'18'
Memorial Provided By:Nikki Cullings

Devon Malik Jones

Devon was my only child, my friend, my buddy, and my partner. He loss his bout with Leukemia after 3 years. There’s not a day, mi Ute, or second that goes by that I don’t think of “My Baby”. Til We Meet again, I will forever keep your name and memory alive.

Love Mommy (as he affectionately called me, even as an adult).

Date of Passing:4-22-2019
Age of Deceased:25
Memorial Provided By:Phyllis Brown

Armand Rashad Brown

Armand was a loving and caring son who just wanted to see others succeed. Loved by many, Armand “Ant” passed away two days before his 40th birthday. I have 40 fantastic years with him. During his early years, we moved frequently with my military career. He always made friends easily– mostly for their mutual love of sports especially basketball. After graduation from Hampton High, he attended Thomas Nelson Community where he later coached the men’s basketball team for over 15 years.

To this day, his loving spirit is still felt around the area. Every year his friends gather to celebrate his life and legacy.

Date of Passing:September 15, 2018
Age of Deceased:39