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Antonio LaMonte” Killebrew Jr.

Antonio was a loving, caring, thoughtful, motivated, energetic inspiring young man with a a great passion for playing football that everyone called affectionately KB. Antonio enjoyed helping others showing great leadership in athletics. I am thankful and blessed with 23 wonderful years of his life. Antonio was always special he had the ability to lead without even trying, he had his greatest highlights for playing football where he attended Bethel High School (Hampton Virginia) years 2010-2014. I was extremely proud of Antonio. After graduating from high school Antonio continued on with his passion for football at Livingston College located in Salisbury North Carolina. I think the world of my son. The passing of Antonio (KB) saddened me extremely however, I found solace in knowing that my son had such a impact in the lives of others.

Even now Antonio spirit and beautiful smile still felt around in our community Antonio legacy will carry on from the love and support surrounded. #4 KB4LIFE

Veronica Urquhart

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